Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis (Friends with Benefits & That 70s Show), grew up a pretty normal girl with not the greatest life. Her father died before she was born, and she lived with her mother and aunt in … Continue reading

Pacific Rim

The world is no longer safe. It started off slow. One by one they came with months between them, but quickly more and more came. Months became weeks, and weeks became days. Humanity was losing. They found a solution by … Continue reading

Catching Fire (2013)

¬†She volunteered in place of her sister. She fought to survive in a wilderness unfamiliar to her while being hunted. She manipulated the games to save her fake boyfriend. Now Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence who is also known … Continue reading

Ender’s Game (2013)

This movie is the most visually stunning movie in years. The hype created for avatar was nothing like Ender’s game presented. There was no artistic appeal to it in the least, but the graphics grabs the viewer by the throat … Continue reading