Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Maggie Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank (P.S. I Love You & Insomnia), came from nothing. She knows one thing about herself: she is white trash. She is a waitress at a small diner, making barely enough to live off. She … Continue reading

The Finest Hour: The Impossible Mission (2016)

In a world where reboots and remakes are the latest trend, going to the movie becomes predictable. You find yourself watching the same movies you did as a child (Pete’s Dragon and Ghostbusters) or the latest superhero/villian movie that all … Continue reading

Captain America:Civil War (2016)

Our history has been riddled with the greatest teams in history: The A team, Justice League, Teen Titans, The Might ducks, etc. The Avengers are simply another team movie goers have flocked to, and with their newest installment release, nothing … Continue reading

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Anyone can be behind the mask. Anyone can be a hero, but what happens when the heroes turn on one another? We return where Man of Steel, played by Henry Cavill (Man of Steel and Immortals), left us. Metropolis lay … Continue reading

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

The closer you look the less you’ll see. So come very, very close, and maybe, just maybe you will see me. In the gallivanting sequel, we find the energized, infamous 4 horsemen, played by Jesse Eisenberg (Batman Vs Superman, The Social … Continue reading

Man of Steel (2013)

The planet of Krypton faces destruction. Looking to save their race, Kal-El, played by Henry Cavill (Immortals, The Cold Light of Day, & Stardust), is sent by his parents to a planet known as Earth where is known by Clark … Continue reading

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

Bilbo, played by Martin Freeman (Hot Fuzz, BBC Sherlock, & Civil War) continues the Journey with the Dwarven King, Thorin Oakenshield, played by Richard Armitage (BBC Robin Hood, Civil War, & Through The Looking Glass), and his band across the … Continue reading

Letters to Juliet (2012)

A beautiful tale of a young American writer named Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried takes a trip to Italy with her fiance. On the trip she discovers a group of women who call themselves the secretaries of Juliet. This group … Continue reading

Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me is a new taste for any movie I have seen in a while. It brings the beauty of magic and special effects to life. The story starts off by introducing us to 4 street-magicians. They are brought … Continue reading