Car 3 (2017)

cars3Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) returns to the track as a veteran who still has it, competing against some new veteran faces, but as the racing industry improves, rookies begin to clear the field of the once great veterans, eventually leaving Mcqueen to stand on his own. However, in the last race of his season, the once great racer bursts under the pressure and finds himself in a nasty car wreck, leaving him and his future in pieces. McQueen is determined to prove everyone wrong both for his and the late-fabulous Hudson Hornet’s. Of course, the way to keep up with the rookies is to train like the rookies where he meets spunky trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), but when the training is more frustrating than effective, he is forced to look into the past to create his future.

Normally, the sequel leaves us disappointed, and the third installment we walk out wondering why we even paid to see it in theatres. Yet, Cars 3 was anything but. True to its original format, the movie takes you on a journey of self-discovery, and you walk away feeling the exact same way you did after the original – excited and in awe.

While it is unsure of where this film leaves McQueen and the gang, I’m left hoping that this was the last installment of the series. There are few films I watch and think they did ended it right, but Cars 3 is exactly that. While you know they could do more – and they’d probably be good, you watch McQueen come to terms with a lot of inner turmoil and find yourself gracefully saying Goodbye to an old friend.crash

Cars 3 is perfect for the whole family. There’s mild violence with Lightning McQueen’s crash early on in the film and a bit later McQueen and a new character Cruz end up entered in a demo derby. There is no cursing, but there is mild suggestions of alcohol that are probably above a child’s understanding. There is a scene in a saloon which is followed moments later by  a reference to moonshine (the cars use it for a style of driving where they drive through the woods without lights, using the moon to shine their way). The only sexual references are sally and McQeen saying I love you and in the bar one of the older cars refers to the bar singer once pursuing the female racecar at the table.

Overall, this is one of the few films released now days with nothing to worry about. It’s fun for the whole family. This release is a hot summer hit, and we give McQueen a standing ovation as he – hopefully – drives off the screen for the last time.6a3dc-fire_tattoo_107


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