Fearless (2016)


“Fearless” released early in Sept. as Netflix original. The new series is a documentary tv show which follows the history and evolution of bull riding. It begins at the origins of how the sport became so big. While most people know everything about basketball or football, this netflix original takes the viewer on a journey of a favorite sport that little is known or talked about its history. It follows various professional bull riders and retired bull riders and how bull riding changed their lives — especially in South America.

This is a new twist for me on my blog. I normally review blockbusters or at least theatre release. Occasionally, I will review an indie film here and there, but this is new for me to hit up a Netflix original. I do believe it’ll be a trend for the best, though. With all that said, here we go.

I was shocked. Now I am a big fan of rodeos and everything they involve, but when I lived with my parents, the first thing I did on Saturday was turn on the recorded episode of professional bull riding which I had missed in the previous weeks. Naturally, then i caught up on Gotham, Flash, and the Arrow, but that’s beside the point. Of course, this series peaked my interest.

I had known about it being in the works since it began filming because due to my awesome Hollywood connections, I was told previously about it. By which I mean, my cousin was Camera Operator 1 or 2. I can’t quite remember which, but he worked on it. For this reason I will refrain from stating my bias opinion about how great the cinematography was.


Anyways, I truly was blown away by this docuseries. I expected a good watch. Maybe a one time thing that I could support my family through, but I didn’t expect anything emotional or investing. I was proven wrong. This shows a lot of truth about a raw sport. We talk about football being a deadly sport, but really there are worst sports that cause more serious injuries pretty much at every practice and or game— starting with rugby. This is one of those sports, and this tv show really shows that.

THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, AND PROBABLY BEST NOT VIEWED AS A FAMILY! There is a lot of hard, graphic footage. I watched cowboys get speared, stomped on, and kicked. You expect the same thing you see while watching the live event, but this is several clips of one or multiple cowboys getting skewered by bulls. It’s emotional. It’s powerful. I cried, and I have no shame saying that. I did not expect to cry in a documentary, but this 6a3dc-fire_tattoo_107series shows very much how much this sport saved some of them.

This series is very much worth the watch especially if you dig rodeos and/or bull riding. I have nothing but good things to say about this series, and if you need something different and new, I call this a hot recommend.


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