Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)


Greg, played by Thomas Mann (Hansel&Gretel & Beautiful Creature), is your average high school boy, and by average we mean, he spends most of his days making parody films to already horrible films. He glides through high school, trying to be invisible in a world that wants to destroy you. With his “coworker”, Earl, played by RJ Cyler (Second Chances &Vice Principals), they hide in their favorite history teachers room, denying a world outside of themselves. Unfortunately, when Greg’s nagging mother finds out one of his classmates is dying of Leukemia, Greg is forced to befriend the dying girl, Rachel played Olivia Cooke (Oija & Bates Motel).

This is probably one of my least favorite films to come out in the last 10 years. I thought The Fault in Our Stars was bad, and then, I watched Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl. Truly, its a story about becoming friends with someone because they are dying. No, they weren’t friends before. No, they didn’t become friends because they were both dying. No, they weren’t star-crossed lovers fighting against the fate’s hand. They were friends because his mom made him befriend her because he was dying. I don’t know about you, but that is 1) a stupid reason to become friends and 2) that is a dumb story line. There is nothing exciting, emotional, or encouraging about that. Yes, they become real friends eventually, but really why do you care if they were originally being forced to be friends.

Also, heard raving reviews about how sad this film was. I do not see it, and I do not particularly find it hard to make me cry over a great film. I cried in Furious 7. I cried in The Fox and the Hound. I cried in Lion King, Secretariat, Taking Chance, How to Train Your Dragon 2, War Horse, 42, Flicka, Criminal Minds, — Heck — I even cried a little during Batman vs Superman and teared up at the Fault in Our Stars, but Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl not a tear graced my eyes. This is one of the few films I have ever found to not be sad. It’s just kind of pathetic and a pity film to everyone with cancer.


Lets not even talk about the cinematography. . . Just kidding, let’s. Probably one of the most annoying cinematography I have ever seen used in a film that’s not a horror film. It is so bad that several times they turn the camera completely vertical so you have to turn your head to see it properly. You know when you film something important with you phone, then you later go to your computer to watch the video and it’s this thin small video because you filmed it wrong on your phone. Yeah, they did that in a film. They did that on a blockbuster multimillion dollar film. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life.

I could probably continue to rant about the annoying narrative or the dumb pot induced 4c56f-flophigh sequence, but I’ll spare you the time. As one of my least favorite films, you can probably guess this is one of the biggest flops I’ve ever seen. Probably right up there with Mystery Men, Anchor Man, and Zealander.


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