Jupiter Ascending (2015)

jupiter poster

Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis (Friends with Benefits & That 70s Show), grew up a pretty normal girl with not the greatest life. Her father died before she was born, and she lived with her mother and aunt in a run down house, supporting the family cleaning up after people. Jupiter dreams of far off places, looking to the stars for hope of a brighter future. When she meets Caine, played by Channing Tatum (Step Up and 21 Jump Street) though, the stars may have given her more than she bargained for. Being thrown into this other world of aliens, immortality, and genetic engineering, Jupiter begins to see the future that was long ago laid out for her. When she discovers she’s royalty among another race of people — not from this world — will her destiny turn out more than she bargained for?

Jupiter Ascending was one of the films released during my time in Hollywood. Let me tell you one thing, they foresaw this film bombing even before its released. The studio plastered ads for this movie where ever they could in Los Angeles. Normally, if the studio thinks it will do poorly, it really will.

However, as bad as all the reviews were for this film, the film itself was not as bad as they made it out to be. The story line was new. It was original. Did it have holes? Yes, and as many people on youtube have made it their job to prove, all movies do. All stories do because we are humans. We can’t fill in every little hole in the story especially in 2 hours. There were definitely moments this film dragged on, but for the most part, I personally found myself sucked into the story line here and there.

This film definitely has one thing going for it though: A big name duo. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum may not have killed these roles or enhanced the storyline at all, but they definitely brought more people out to the release than would have been there otherwise. They did a fine job. Tatum probably was the strongest actor in this film and really found a zone for his role, but after fan reviews flood the internet, Tatum’s charm may not be enough to pull the same number of people as that opening night.


The film did fairly well with the over reliance of CGI that clearly was needed for this film. However, the cinematography was nothing special compared to the previous space films released such as Ender’s Game, Star Wars, or Interstellar. Do not expect mind blowing, gorgeous scenes to view. Don’t expect much of anything worth noting other than maybe a really awful shot here or there.

Shockingly, probably one of the best quality of this film is that it is family friendly. Not a lot of cussing. No sex scene. Some partial nudity which can easily be skipped over if one has previously screened the movie (which if you are wanting family friendly then you always should be screening the film before hand). Probably the worst thing in this film is the violence and action sequences that may present themselves too intense for younger ages. Overall though, parents have little to fear about this film.


Overall, this film just presents a sub par film. For the over enthusiastic sci-fi buff who wants a new film to watch, this is a strong recommend, but for the everyday movie goer who has more important things in their life, this is a hardcore flop that even Hollywood predict. Save yourself the 2 hours and 7 minutes and go outside to play Pokémon go or a sport.


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