Captain America:Civil War (2016)


Our history has been riddled with the greatest teams in history: The A team, Justice League, Teen Titans, The Might ducks, etc. The Avengers are simply another team movie goers have flocked to, and with their newest installment release, nothing changed.

Picking up where they left off, the avengers are confronted by the government for their actions. Believing they are unaccountable for their actions, the government presents an ultimatum to sign the Hero Registration Act— a law restricting their activity to decisions made by the government—or  forced retirement. With guilt filling Iron Man for the death of so many innocent people, the Avengers are forced to divide on the matter as Captain America and others refuse to be controlled by the average human government. With a rift forming between the two groups, Captain America and his squad are hunted by the remaining Avengers like the super villains the government forced them to become. With the civil war raging, will the Avengers ever be able to restore their team? Will Captain America cave to the peer pressure of his teammates, or will he be able to stand for what he believes is right and remain free from the agenda of selfish humans?

While this film like every other Marvel film took the world by storm, I was not as impressed. The film presented the same outstanding acting and amazing cgi they are so well known for. The cinematography was nothing less than its normal standards of flawless— not outstanding but definitely adequate for the blockbuster.

One of my problems with Civil War though is the graphic titles every time they switch locations. They looked like a basic text from Windows Movie Maker. Disney makes millions upon billions of dollars off these films, and they ruin it with a basic text that covers the entire screen. It makes the film get knocked down from its blockbuster status to an independent film quality. Like this is something a indy film would do so why in the world did the multi-million dollar industry do the same quality of titles the struggling 5000 dollar budget indy film puts out. It was beyond distracting and hurt the film for no reason.

My ultimate beef with this film is the fact that these brilliant, above average humans where pitted against each other by a basic, revenge consumed human being. You have the ability to build a power suit that allows you to fly and do all sorts of stuff and to outsmart super villains that are not even from our world, but you cannot see the scheming of an emotion-filled, vengeance-seeking scorned average human wrecking your world? Fantastic. It’s a film revolving around jr. high drama about not being able to deal with their emotions like grown adults. At least batman vs Superman had the decency to use a super villain to pit them against each other— Not some basic hate infatuated man.

The film excelled where Batman V Superman failed, and Batman V Superman excelled where Civil War did not. With its blind filled fans though, the movie killed the box office and blew up the reviews on rotten tomatoes. While it presented a better story than flat-line-2Batman V Superman, the movie lacked luster. I walked out disappointed at the fact it did not live up to the hype built around it. With another repeated story line which DC did better (though it was poorly written), lack of seriousness to the film, the lack of clarity (thought this was an avenger film not a captain america film— why was this a captain america film?), and the same old Avenger movie (wait… it wasn’t avengers???), this story just flat lined my expectations. Maybe one day I’ll be pleasantly surprised and write a positive review for a Disney backed Marvel movie.


3 thoughts on “Captain America:Civil War (2016)

  1. In the Avengers series, there always was a hint that this team would implode from inside before they reunited and headed for something big. Civil War became such movie which brought the inner “goody” and “baddy” of all the characters. The tension between the characters were so high, and their conflicts were so amazingly handled, that I feel this was the best Captain America movie out of last three.

  2. I felt the same. It was not a bad movie, but i just expected more from it. I liked the Winter Soldier so much more. For me that has been one of the best Superhero movies to date. ( besides perhaps Deadpool ;))

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