Age of Adaline (2015)

age of adaline

Adaline Bowman, played by Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl), was born on January 1st of 1908. She grew as we all do. Aging with time, she grew in grace and poise. At the age of 29, she wrecks into a pool of water, and while snow falls for the first time, a miracle occurs. Adaline dies of the cold water but is revived when lightning strikes the area. Adaline no longer ages. She becomes immortal in a world of change. Adaline struggles to live a normal life, raising her young daughter, but after a traffic violation occurs, Adaline must run leaving her college age daughter to figure out the world alone. Adaline goes through life picking up and moving at the turn of every decade. She becomes an expert at running and never getting close to anyone. That is till she meets Ellis Jones, played by Michiel Huisman (World War Z and Games of Throne). She falls in love with him, but can she settle? Can Adaline Bowman stop running when it is all she knows? Or will Adaline continue to wander through life alone, never aging?

Someone told me to watch this because it looks like a movie I would enjoy. I honestly doubted that, but I wanted a new movie I knew nothing about. So while wandering the library, I discovered the DVD and took a chance.

My expectations were pretty simple. Cliche chick flick like Last Chance Harvey or Maid in Manhattan, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a different type of movie.

It was a simple movie. One with no CGI or showy graphics. It starts off with a simple narrative of Adaline’s life with quick clips, putting a visual to the voice over. It was a nice break from the showy films that fill the theatres now days.

What was most impressive about this film was the story line. One that could have been easily complicated and as confusing as The Time Travelers Wife, but they kept it simple. It was a beautifully written script, enticing the audience to believe Adaline was their best friend. I found myself more engulfed with the movie than I did this review. I found my world revolving around Adaline, hoping she would one day find peace and passion in the world again. I cannot remember the last time I was so into a film as simple as this. Though, I cannot remember the last time a film this simple was released.

While the script was impressive, the acting from Lively was amazing. She brought all the life to this script since we all know a bad actor can destroy even the greatest script. Lively could not have portrayed Adaline any better than she did. The beauty and grace she brought to the character was one I have not seen in a long time. With not many stand out roles on her resume, she is probably one of my favorite actresses after this performance. I immensely hope I see her again and again in films in the near future. Along with her tight performance, notable recognition goes to this amazing support cast. With big names like Harrison Ford (Star Wars and Indiana Jones) and Kathy Baker (13 going on 30 and Saving Mr. Banks), it is easier for a lesser name lead to get lost, but not once did any of the actors outshine her. It was a solid blend of old and new.6a3dc-fire_tattoo_107

With not much to complain about and an unexpected twist on a chick flick, this movie left a refreshing longing taste in your mouth, ready for another movie like it. While this film did not take the box office by storm, it stormed my heart by the end. I give this movie a hot review because it left me wanting more.


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